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MERMAID SONG is a rousing adventure, interstellar western, and singular love story a thousand years in the future. At its center is Thalassa, a sea-covered planet at the farthest edge of civilization, which is known as the Republic. Within the depths of its vast ocean lies a secret that will confound the very certainties by which humans live, bringing into doubt the nature of time, of appearance, reality and love.Thalassa

Isaac Chavira is by all appearances a monster. At six-foot-three and 265 lbs., his face disfigured by a construction accident, he is the Region 25 Interstellar Corps Heavyweight Personal Combat Champion. A talented engineer and businessman, he also owns Chavira Construction Company. He remains troubled by having abandoned his wife years ago, convinced she had become pregnant by another man.

His company builds government structures on the Republic’s frontier of colonial planets. On many of these the Vallar had lived for centuries, the first humans to brave interstellar space before World War III. The Republic grew from the ashes of that war. Achieving interstellar flight, the Republic began to drive out or murder any Vallar living on planets desirable for settlement. The history of civilization versus aboriginal peoples repeats itself. Isaac has made a career building on Vallar graves.

He pursues his two careers anesthetized by the hope that if he works hard enough it will eventually make him feel better. He drives himself and his company harder and harder, moving ever farther out on the frontier.

Isaac’s big break comes when Pacific Hydrogen Corporation hires him to build a meat processing plant on Thalassa. The meat is harvested from sea creatures the settlers call Mermaids. Selling the coveted delicacy, that is addictive for many people, has become a gold mine. Isaac can retire a rich man. Thalassa is the end of the line.

During Isaac’s first night on planet, however, a Mermaid sings to him, awakening a powerful and mysterious awareness. The next morning he is aboard the yacht of Albert Tyler, CEO of Pacific Hydrogen, hunting Mermaids. When Tyler is about to kill one, Isaac realizes it is the Mermaid that sang to him. In saving it he injures Tyler, who promptly takes away Isaac’s company and leaves him stranded on Thalassa.

Before Isaac can drink himself to death, the colony’s Federal Marshall, Olivetta Osbourne rescues him. Admiring him for his combat skills and standing up to Albert Tyler, she hires Isaac as her deputy. He begins a new life with her, Doc Rose and deputy Pearl Winchester. When Tyler rapes and murders a young woman Isaac befriended, this little band of misfits must take on Pacific Hydrogen, the largest corporation in history. To make matters worse, the Mermaids vanish following the murder. With no harvesting to support the colony, it falls into chaos. Not only has Isaac and his friends doomed themselves, they have become embroiled in a mystery beyond their imagination.


Praise for Mermaid Song


Mermaid Song has that great combination in a science fiction novel; it’s a thrilling adventure wrapped in a great metaphor for our current social condition. The story’s climactic and authentic ending is sure to please even the non-science fiction fan.

Tony Alferez, President,
Glass Bead New Media


This book will grab you. It is powerful, moving and funny. Your emotions take a roller coaster ride. I have never read a book that could draw out such strong emotions as this book did. An amazing read!

Karin I. Moor
Dog and Horse Trainer, Animal Rights Advocate


Mermaid Song is a wonderful tale about a guy facing an ethical dilemma far in the future. Anyone can relate to the struggle he endures between his selfish and more altruistic selves. I was captivated by the author’s creativity and courage in writing about an unknown future, but with well known human dilemmas. Gary Moor’s time as an Air Force captain shines through in his fascinating descriptions of tomorrow’s undreamed of technology. I am very impressed!

Mike Papas
Entrepreneur and Zen Practitioner


“Everyone has a book in them.” This is a saying those of us who have never written one (much less published one) have heard throughout our lives. For me to have a friend do just that is a feat in itself, But to read it and discover greatness in the mind of such a quiet thoughtful man is the greatest gift a friend could offer.

We all love the delivery of a great sermon, the excellence of a great piece of art or music, or the explosiveness of a great movie. When you open the cover of a book, you begin with a pregnant anticipation of being drawn into a different place, a heroic event with inspiring courage, and romantic love. Gary’s book does all of these things and more. Any lover of reading will find something here to identify with his or her life. A wonderful Read.

Mark Ziegler
Bank Processor and Hypnotherapist




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